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. on this cyber monday, amazon announces its next big idea to get packages to your doorstep. could the technology be here sooner than you think? and is it a good idea? >>> and best play ever. reaction still pouring in to what people are calling the greatest end to a sporting event in history. >> an answered prayer. >> so was it? the great debate today, monday, 3 f2nds and all o3 f2 f23 f23 f2 33 f2 >>> 3 f2 >>> era un hombre amistoso,3 f22 3 f23 c13 f23 f2 3 f2 f3 f2 >>> 3 3 f23 f2 3 f2 f23 f2 f2 f2 33 f2 3 c1 train. >> we want to take a second to remember one of our own. jim lovell. an audio technician part of our nbc family and part of every concert we had on the plaza. he was on his way into rockefeller center to rehearse and prepare for the lighting of the christmas tree when the crash happened. man that always did his job with grace even under extreme pressure. he was working tirelessly with a smile on his face. in the words of his son finn, words can't express how much my father meant to me. rest easy, dad. i love you. and all of us here at nbc share those sentiments with the lovell family.
but in today's world of technology things have gotten a little harder. in the simpler days of yes, ma'am, pardon me have fall bin the wayside. >> take a look at parental guidance where billy crystal's grandson has fun with his grandfather's name. >> instead of calling me grandpa, why don't you call me artie. >> can i call you fartie? >> that was kind of cute. >> i didn't know which one they were going to use. i think that is kind of cute. >> here to help us navigate social etiquette in hard times, is the author of "if i have to tell you one more time." >> hi, ladies. >> the problem that we're talking about all the time. we're not having face-to-face directions. we're not existing in irl, in real life. we're constantly here. we're interacting this way and it's really impacting how polite we are often how kind we are. >> does that change the rules when it comes to in restaurants, out with your kids with all the devices? >> it's changed the way we operate. this is the first time that kids have grown up on devices. what that means they're spending so much time on texting and social media,
technology to win a second term and now he finds himself having technology trip him up and it seems to have surprised even him. >> we'll see what happens. this is the top 10. go to and let us know who you think and on wednesday nancy and her team will reveal the person of the year 2013. >> i'll vote right now for pope francis. >> yeah. wow. okay. going right out there on a limb. >> why not. make the call. >> tamron, thank you very much. coming up, more on the winter storm and the power and travel problems being caused by it this morning. >> then on trending, a cheerleader that thinks she is messing up the routine and then gets a pretty heartwarming surprise. >> what new twists await fans of downton abbey. a look coming up. season four coming up. >>> all coming up after your local news and weather. hi! where did you come from? oh... sorry. welcome to petsmart! aren't you kris...? christmas shopping? uh... yes. i have a list of... good girls and boys? good treats and toys. okay... (announcer) at petsmart, we care as much about your pet's happiness as you do. that's why we offer a wi
on the industry to add flame arrester technology to these cans. and matt, one other thing we should remind everyone about is that mixing gasoline and fire is dangerous. you should never pour gasoline on a fire or use it to start a fire. >>> yeah. that goes without saying but i'm glad you said it anyway, lisa. thank you very much. >> seems like an easy fix. >> there's so many cans out there that will not have it. >> older cans. >> coming up on trending, do you live in the swearingest state in the union? >> hell no. >> hey, there's children watching. >> tamron's going to have those and she'll reveal the nominees right after this. ow! so you think santa will like these... red and green m&m's? i don't know! i never met the guy! whaaaaa! he does exist! they do exist! uhm... santa? it fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley. nature at its most delicious. this is nature valley. but, soft...what light... ... through yonder window breaks ... it is the east ... and juliet is the sun good night
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. >> for manpeople, the language is opaic to them. so we need to push the technology and the language of twitter to the backgrou and bring the content forward. the media, t photos, the content that people are talking abt. >> he knows the power of twitter can disrupt and change t world and he's also aware but not overly conceed about the nastiness that oftenomes in 140 characters. >> as someone in the public eye, if i go on to my twitter and i look and i see a tweet that's really nice, man, it feels good. it feels great. but then i read and i scroll further and i see some really tough twee. have you gotte your arm around the question of why there tends to be so much negativity on twitter? >> i think that what you're seng a two sid of the same coin. the beauty of the platform is that the abity to have a pseudonym that you can tweet under has enabled political speech in countries where political speech is oppressed. >> and changed the world. >> and then of course tha allows some other people to hide behind it and say mean things to people. it's incumbent on us as t operators of the platform to make
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)